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Cardoso Lab News!


Awards and Honors

Wellington Cardoso, MD, PhD has been awarded his 2nd National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute R35 Outstanding Investigator award, “Regulation of Progenitor Cell Plasticity in Lung Development and Disease-Repair. This is a seven-year award.


Dr. Wellington Cardoso also has received an R01 grant award for “Local translation and viral infection in the airway epithelium by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.


Congratulations to Dr. Helu Liu for his publication "A local translation program regulates centriole amplification in the airway epithelium."


Awards and Honors

Congratulations to Dr. Yizhuo Zhou for her publication " Airway basal cells show regionally distinct potential to undergo metaplastic differentiation."

Congratulations to Dr. Carlos Serra on his publication "Prominin 1 and Notch regulate ciliary length and dynamics in multiciliated cells of the airway epithelium."

Dr. Takehiro Otoshi Received the Noa Noy Memorial Fund Award to attend the FASEB 6th International Conference on Retinoids June 5-10, 2022, Athens, Ohio for his presentation “Impact of genetic background variability in airway hyperresponsiveness by prenatal disruption of retinoic acid signaling.”


Dr. Yizhuo Zhou also received a travel award from the FASEB 6th International Conference on Retinoids for her presentation “A distinct population of airway basal cell activates an aberrant metaplastic program of differentiation under retinoid deficiency.

In January, Dr. Donald W. Landry, Chair, Department of Medicine applauded the Columbia Center for Human Development and Center for Stem Cell Therapies’ partnership, growth and success in advancing stem cell research and therapies. In addition, 

 Dr. Wellington Cardoso was named - Associate Vice Chair for Research, Director, Interdisciplinary Programs, and will serve as an  Executive Committee member for the Columbia Center for Human Development.



Dr. Wellington Cardoso,  Maturation for regeneration published in Cell Stem Cell. 2021 Oct 7;28(10):1680-1682. doi: 10.1016/j.stem.2021.09.007. PMID: 34624228


Dr. Congratulations Drs. Wellington Cardoso and Munemasa Mori for their publication E2F4's cytoplasmic role in multiciliogenesis is mediated via an N-terminal domain that binds two components of the centriole replication machinery. Deup1 and SAS6. Hazan R, Mori M, Danielian PS, Guen VJ, Rubin SM, Cardoso WV, Lees JA.Mol Biol Cell. 2021 Oct 1;32(20):ar1. doi: 10.1091/mbc.E21-01-0039. Epub 2021 Jul 14.PMID: 34260288


Congratulations to Dr. Wellington Cardoso and Dr. Masako Suzuki, Albert Einstein School of Medicine for their publication,  

Disproportionate Vitamin A Deficiency in Women of Specific Ethnicities Linked to Differences in Allele Frequencies of Vitamin A-Related Polymorphisms. Suzuki M, Wang T, Garretto D, Isasi CR, Cardoso WV, Greally JM, Quadro L.Nutrients. 2021 May 21;13(6):1743. doi: 10.3390/nu13061743.PMID: 34063790 


Congratulations Jessica on journal article Prematurity alters the progenitor cell program of the upper respiratory tract of neonates Shui, JE, Wang, W, Liu, H, Stepanova, A, Liao, G,2, Qian, J, Ai, X, Vadim Ten, V, Lu, J, Cardoso, WV. Sci. Rep., May 24, online ahead of print.


Congratulations Wellington on publication Airway basal stem cell generate distinct subpopulations of PNECs Mou H, Yang Y, Riehs MA, Barrios J, Shivaraju M, Haber AL, Montoro DT, Gilmore K, Haas EA, Paunovic B, Rajagopal J, Vargas SO, Haynes RL, Fine A, Cardoso WV, Ai X.Cell Reports. 2021 Apr 20;35(3):109011. doi: 10.1016/j.celrep.2021.109011. PMID: 33882306; PMCID: PMC8140387



Wellington Cardoso was awarded an NIH-NHLBI R35 Supplement  to study SARS2-COVID2 viral – host interactions in the airway epithelium.



November - Congratulations Benjamin van Soldt for his publication at WIREs Dev Bio titled "Hippo-Yap/Taz signaling: Complex network interactions and impact in epithelial cell behavior"

November - Benjamin van Soldt co-first on "Use of hPSC-derived 3D organoids and mouse genetics to define the roles of YAP in the development of the esophagus". Congratulations Benjamin and the Que lab!

October – Dr. Munemasa Mori has his independent lab in CCHD. Congrats! 

October – Dr. Munemasa Mori, publication

Nature Medicine, in press. "Generation of functional lungs via conditional blastocyst complementation via pluripotent stem cells." It was a long journey, congratulation!

October - Congratulations Maria Stupnikov for publication "Jagged and Delta-like ligands control distinct events during airway progenitor cell differentiation"

July – Dr. Munemasa Mori, recipient of an NIH (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute) R01 Award: Regulatory Mechanism of Cell Competition in Lung Regeneration.Well done!

May - Benjamin van Soldt, publication "Yap and its subcellular localization have distinct compartment specific roles in the developing lung"Congratulations!


Ying chrocodile.jpg



July –Dr. Wellington V. Cardoso,  recipient of the Irene & Arthur Fishberg Prize, Department of Medicine, Columbia University Irving Medical Center for his leadership and contributions to the field.  Congrats! 

July –Dr. Munemasa Mori, publication "Cytoplasmic E2f4 forms organizing centres for initiation of centriole amplification during multiciliogenesis"

Hardy-haha. Congratulations! 

May –Maria Stupnikov, publication Elife commentary, "Sensing oxygen inside and out."

Great review! Congratulation!

April –Dr. David Lederer and Dr. Wellington Cardoso (MPIs) NIH NHLBI R01 Subclinical interstitial lung disease in MESA and FAR-ILD


January –Dr. Munemasa Mori, recipient of a Department of Defense Discovery Award Development of a Novel Approach to Regenerate Functional Lungs.



June –Dr. Wellington V. Cardoso recipient of the inaugural Mary C. Williams Lecture in Cell Biology Award, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Boston University. Congratulation!

January –Dr. Wellington V. Cardoso recipient of the prestigious NIH-HNLBI R35 grant award for Specification of Airway Progenitors in Development and Disease. Congrats! 

January –Drs. Jining Lu and Wellington V. Cardoso recipients for an NIH-NHLBI R01 award for The Trinucelotide Repeat Containing 6a Mediated miRNA Activities in Ciliogenesis. Congratulation!

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